Obama puts the GOP on payroll clock

Daylight on the ability of the Democrats and Republicans to compromise isn’t about to crawl through the front window anytime soon.

Which leaves all of us in the dark and poorer for it.

President Obama, so frustrated that he now triple knots his tie and shoelaces, put the Republicans on the clock today.

He urged congressional Republicans to extend a soon-to-expire payroll tax cut, saying failure to do so will cost the average family about $1,000 next year and nearly 160 million Americans overall will see their taxes rise.

The White House unveiled a “If Congress Doesn’t Act” countdown clock on its website to accompany its How It Affects You calculator, where the public can see how much money they can save if the cuts are extended.

Obama blamed Senate Republicans for punting on the plan.

Congressional Republicans said they want to extend the payroll tax cuts but insist that Senate Democrats remove the job-killing small-business tax hike from the proposal.

Republicans say they don’t object to the payroll tax cut extension per se but want to pay for it with offsetting budget cuts.

Obama and John Boehner probably will be playing golf on Mars before any of this comes to pass.

The perpetual impasse in Washington is putting a choke hold on America. I’d loved to perform a Heimlich maneuver on both parties.