If Jennifer Aniston is the Hottest Woman of All Time, Obama is a better leader than Alexander the Great and Romney is a closet converted Catholic

OK, I realize that beauty, like politics, is a subjective matter. If everybody had the same taste, the world would be as boring as a night at the opera and as bland as Ryan Seacrest.
Still, Jennifer Aniston is the Hottest Woman of All Time?
I guess the world must be flat, after all.
You gotta be kidding me, man. Jen is cute as a button, assuming buttons are cute, but the hottest babe of all time?
Well, that’s what a MensHealth.com poll said. Apparently those dudes have lost their vision and sex drive from lifting too many weights and ingesting too many steroids.
The No. 2 pick and No. 3 picks are more like it with Raquel Welch and Marilyn Monroe checking in, respectively.
Britney Spears is a helluva reach at No. 4 and Madonna is totally overrated at No. 5.
I wonder what Brad Pitt is thinking now. He dumped Aniston and his Angelina Jolie only clocked in at No. 10. A dramatic downsize.
At least Whoopi Goldberg didn’t crack the top 10. That would have been uglier than standing next to a retching Joan Rivers.
By the way, time for a disclaimer: Yours truly in no way endorses categorizing women for their looks. That inane exercise is too superficial for a man of depth such as myself.