God bless us every one! Suddenly the Eagles are more defensive than Scrooge when confronted by The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

After seeing the Eagles’ D earn a shocking A in flattening the Dolphins worse than over-chilled champagne 26-10 Sunday in languid Miami, I now believe that not only can reindeer fly but they can also dance the polka in spats while texting a partridge in a pear tree.

What, pray tell, got into Juan Castillo? Until today, he couldn’t coordinate his socks and pants, let alone an NFL defense. Suddenly he’s conducting a symphony orchestra performing The Nutcracker.

The Eagles forced three turnovers that set up 17 points and scored an astonishing four times during a nine-minute span in the second quarter, rang up nine sacks (three apiece by Jason Babin and Trent Cole) — the most since 2003, recorded a safety, registered 11 tackles for a loss, stuffed Miami running backs for little or no gain on a half-dozen short-yardage plays, limited Miami to a paltry 204 yards, and still found time to party on South Beach during television timeouts.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the same Birds’ D that all season long couldn’t tackle a Christmas tree, couldn’t cover Santa Claus, was run over by elves, and regularly allowed quarterbacks to throw touchdown bombs while baking Snickerdoodles for the holidays?

Who do these imposters think they are, some sort of Dream Team? Leave it to the Eagles to suddenly play well when it no longer matters, assuming no OMG Christmas miracle in the form of the playoffs is forthcoming.