Republican opposition to a middle-class tax cut just may hand the election to Obama on a silver platter

OK, we all know the economic numbers are more scary than Barbara Walters without makeup. Unemployment is over 8 percent and 75 percent of Americans believe the country is going to hell on an express down escalator.
A president carrying around that flammable baggage definitely would be toast at any other time in history.
But President Obama just may not be. And if he’s not toast next year, it just may be the fault of the Republicans.
With Rush Limbaugh’s lungs working faster than a hummingbird’s wings in screeching that he hopes Obama fails miserably, with Mitch McConnell having Obama lined up in his crosshairs by declaring that “the single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president,” you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to detect that the Republicans are out to destroy Obama by sabotaging the economy.
Although tax cuts have been woven in the fabric of GOP orthodoxy for decades, today’s Republicans are out to kill Obama’s middle-class tax cut. Not to mention his American Jobs Act, his extension of unemployment benefits. and everything and anything else he proposes to get the economy off life support.
Since the Republicans are looking through a straw, their narrowing of focus leaves them too myopic to see beyond their sole mission of torpedoing Obama no matter what collateral damage it wreaks on the country.
However, in so doing they unwittingly are serving up a villain for Obama to blame for an economy that is headed for ruin, which he already is doing.
Voters with a broader vision just may see that by relentlessly and selfishly decimating all of Obama’s economic overtures, the Republicans are working OT to ensure his reelection.
Irony thick enough to slice with a steak knife, don’t you think? Meanwhile, keep the butter knife in the drawer for now because Obama is no lock to be toast.