Could South Carolina be an omen that Obama will win by a landslide in 2012?

Nobody is telegraphing like a veritable Samuel Morse an Obama landslide victory in 2012.
Unless you’re Michael Tomasky.
Granted, Tomasky doesn’t pretend he’s the Psychic Helpline in speculating about such an outrageous outcome. Especially in the world of politics where, like a wet Post-it note, nothing seems to stick.
Still, Tomasky does pose an interesting notion that since new polls show Obama astonishingly ahead of Gingrich and Romney in South Carolina where the Civil War just ended about 5 minutes ago, just maybe Obama is headed for a win more huge than the national debt.
OK, that scenario right now would seem to be more impossible than Evel Knievel trying to jump the Snake River Canyon, what with Obama’s approval rating at a toxic 44 percent.
Then again, perhaps there is some foreshadowing here that the GOP Party of No could be hell-bent for disaster some 10 months and three weeks from now.
Of course, such a seemingly outlandish conclusion could be more far-fetched than Ben Franklin’s U.S. Post Office being as out of date as powdered wigs for men.