Nikki Haley would rather wrestle with an alligator in a foul mood than have Gingrich as the nominee, so Romney is her surprising cup of tea

While his fellow pretenders tried to fricassee Newt Gingrich last night, it remains debatable whether they succeeded in undermining his frontrunner status.

No wonder Newt is making the Republican establishment more nervous than Kim Kardashian at the altar.

They know Gingrich works wonders with words like Paderewski worked wonders with the keyboard, and that Newt’s tendency to go off on strange riffs could blow the election against a sitting president who has been brought to his knees.

Their fear is that Gingrich could find more ways to lose than the Indianapolis Colts.

Since Haley Barbour likely won’t be riding in on a white horse to save the GOP day, they just may have to settle for Romney even though they find Mitt harder to decipher than a trig textbook and harder to love than an unwashed Occupy Wall Street protestor with bad breath and a bad stock portfolio.

It’s called settling.

My God, even South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, the Tea Party starlet who’s pro-am partners with Jesus, suddenly is desperate enough to endorse Romney even though Mormons can’t drink tea.

No word yet on this startling development from Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry, who have been drinking enough tea to float another Boston Tea Party.