A not-so dear leader is dead and the North Korean tyrant's passing triggers a tsunami of uncertainty and alarm

Kim Jong-il was a little dude, a weird midget who didn’t see eye to eye with other world leaders because he was staring them in the navel.
Somehow the schmucks in North Korea allowed this strange twerp to rule with an iron first while they starved to death.
Known as Dear Leader, he now is Dead Leader — reportedly kaput from a heart attack on a train Saturday.
Dear Leader had to take the train? No plane? No limo? What’s up with that?
Now everybody in North Korea’s neck of the woods is suffering from nervous kneecaps banging into each other like bongos. Especially South Korea and Japan.
What’s gonna happen now, and will his death nuke a potential nuclear deal with the U.S.?
Questions with no answers as of now, even in Chinese fortune cookies.
It appears like a collective leadership will rule in the name of the Kim family, a regency for Kim’s son.
The kid is cleverly named Kim Jong-un and supposedly just in his late 20s. Since he hasn’t had enough time to consolidate power in the key institutions of the North Korean regime, his grip on power could be puny.
Yep, a shaky situation indeed for Koreans, Asians and the world.