Obama and McConnell put a double choke hold on Boehner and the House GOP submits

House Republicans late this afternoon agreed to pass a two-month extension of the payroll tax cuts. I guess elephants can fly after all.

When it comes to tag-team duos, Barack Obama and Mitch McConnell would be easy meat for WWE legends The Road Warriors and The British Bulldogs.

But Obama and McConnell, an Odd Couple pairing for sure, teamed up to apply a full-nelson atomic drop on John Boehner.

Captain Lou Albano would be so proud.

Assisting in the submission was Harry Reid, who agreed to appoint members to a conference committee to work out a longer deal between the two chambers.

President Obama kept putting pressure on Boehner to pass a short-term payroll tax cut extension, this time citing the support of McConnell.

Talk about a stranglehold from both sides.

Boehner was an increasingly untenable position. Conservative House Republicans were passionate that Boehner hold the line on a short-term package but just about everyone else in both parties supported it.

I doubt if Boehner will be catching a performance of The Nutcracker this holiday season. He has already lived it.