Playing with Iran is like playing Russian roulette with no empty chambers

What is a four-letter word for bad news?


Right now we’re playing a game of chicken with these infidels, which is a tad more dangerous than playing a game of cards with your Aunt Matilda.

We’re ramping up the sanctions on the Iranians because we don’t want their itchy trigger fingers anywhere near a nuclear bomb. Israel, of course, concurs.

The Iranians are less than pleased, of course. So they’re bluffing (we hope) that they’ll close the Strait of Hormuz, through which a third of the world’s oil exports pass.

Blocking that artery could trigger economic heart attacks and light the fuse on a war that we pray won’t erupt into your basic everyday Armageddon End Times Powder Keg of Mass Destruction and Death.

Such a scenario understandably would put a crimp in everyone’s evening.

Yep, U.S. diplomacy had better work before we have to choose between accepting Iran with a bomb or having to bomb Iran.

You won’t find a pillow to squeeze between that rock and a hard place.