Boring! Same old same old for Eagles with Lurie and Reid

Did we really think that Andy Reid was in serious doo-doo with Jeff Lurie?

Of course not. We realize that Lurie always gives Reid a mulligan because he understands that his head coach would have some trouble finding a job as an underwear model.

Granted, Lurie toyed with the media at his press conference this afternoon.

For about 12 minutes, Lurie dropped words like “unacceptable,” “ludicrous,” “unfathomable,” and “frustrating” in describing the Eagles’ failed season.

Suddenly reporters were wondering whether Lurie was on allergy medication or whether Reid just might sink like an oil derrick.

It was nothing but the Big Tease.
Lurie then said that Reid would be back for a 14th season because he thinks Reid gives the franchise the best chance to bounce back and make the playoffs next season.
Delusional or not, that’s what Lurie apparently believes.
Lurie also said that Joe Banner and Howie Roseman will return as well and that Juan Castillo’s fate is up to Reid.
Strange that the Birds’ premature off-season just may be as forgettable as the regular season.