Huntsman's out but did anybody even notice that he was in?

If a Jon Huntsman falls out of the Republican presidential race and there is nobody around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Of course not.
Huntsman was the silent, invisible man on the campaign trail. He was a patrician who was standing in the wrong line when they handed out charisma. Even Joan Rivers standing next to Sofia Vergara wouldn’t be that overlooked.
The man is bright and looks presidential.However, Central Casting doesn’t pick candidates, although it definitely would streamline the process.
Huntsman simply had no shot. He doesn’t spout memorable sound bites, is too much of a lefty for Republicans and is scorned for being Barack Obama’s ambassador to China.
And we all know the GOP would love to send Obama on a slow boat to China.
Huntsman would have been embarrassed in this Saturday’s South Carolina primary, trailing even faux newsman Stephen Colbert in one poll.
Huntsman could never match the level of flash and fun his daughters, dubbed the Huntsman Hotties, brought to the campaign.
They, if not he, will be missed.