State of Union this year merely will be a campaign message approved by Barack Obama

OK, I get it that they have to have the State of the Union speech every year. George Washington mandated it and Newt Gingrich seconded it.

It’s already on the calendar for this Tuesday night. Which is a shame. And a sham.

This won’t be a State of the Union address, despite its name.

First, there is no union in America these days.

President Obama’s relationship with Republican leaders is more strained than a thong on an NFL defensive tackle. And everything — the House, the Senate and Obama’s job — is up in the air like the Goodyear Blimp until November.

Second, this is flat-out guaranteed to be a campaign stump speech.

Obama’s policy agenda is a moot point, because Congress will ignore it as if it were term limits.

So with the Republican presidential contenders getting all that TV air time with the 4,836 debates and all the weekly primaries, Obama tomorrow night undoubtedly will sketch his campaign themes.

And, by dumb luck mind you, Obama then will travel to swing states Iowa, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Michigan for three days. I doubt if he’s going to see the sights.

No time to be president these days, obviously.