Job numbers aren't a cause for optimism

Every month the unemployment rate comes out and everybody plays with the numbers until they add up to what they want to see.
If only algebra and trig were this simple. But fuzzy math is even more confusing than rocket science to a caveman (with apologies to the Geico spokesman).
OK, today with a drum roll came the news that in January the unemployment rate dropped to 8.3 percent and 243,000 jobs were created (good for the Democrats), while all of the growth was created by the private sector rather than government (good for the Republicans).
However, unemployment still remains stubbornly high and like a clot of Wheaties stuck to the side of the cereal bowl, refuses to be washed away even though the overall economic picture no longer is as gloomy as Tom Coughlin after a Giants loss (but I predict he will be beaming like a jack o’ lantern Sunday night).
Meanwhile, the big gorilla with bad breath in the room is the much higher underemployment number.
Plus, the Great Divide splits us all like the Iranians split the atom. Republicans are convinced the Democrats have us on the road to hell with the debt too big for even Lucifer to turn into a hellacious bonfire. Democrats are convinced the Republicans cater only to the plutocrats while the rest of us try to rub two nickels together and we have only one.
A few stiff drinks at a Super Bowl Party seem in order. To commiserate, not celebrate.