If the rich are job creators, why can't Republicans create a standard bearer for the fall? Perhaps an online classified ad is in order

So what to make of this Republican presidential race now?

If only Walter Cronkite or Jimmy the Greek still were around to sort out this horse race.

For starters, will the real conservative favorite son please stand up?

Actually, both Rick Santorum and New Gingrich want to be that standup guy. But me thinks Rick is more upright right now than Newt, who started slouching big time after Santorum’s three-state sweep Tuesday night.

Then there is Mitt Romney, who just can’t get the love no matter how much money he spends and how hard he tries. You just can’t buy charisma off the shelf. Perhaps he should try eHarmony.

Romney was the bug that went splat on the windshield last night after Santorum won an upset victory in the Colorado caucuses after scoring easy wins in the Minnesota caucuses and the non-binding Missouri primary.

I know Missouri was just a beauty race, but Romney lost every county! He had a worse night than the Patriots’ Wes Welker had Sunday night.

Mitt is fortunate that he has two guys jousting on his right. If either Rick or Newt gets knocked off his horse by a thrusting spear to the noggin, the real loser could be Romney.