ESPN gives Jaws lockjaw on MNF

Back in the day when Ron Jaworski was The Polish Rifle on the Eagles’ quarterback depth chart and yours truly was The Polish Reporter on the Eagles’ beat, Jaws’ lips were all shimmy and shake — like a belly dancer on amphetamines.

Little wonder that Jaworski’s gift for gab later landed him a sweet gig with ESPN.

But his ESPN gig has turned somewhat sour.

The network announced today that Jaws has been silenced on Monday Night Football, giving Jon Gruden more elbow room in a two-man booth with Mike Tirico.

It’s a good move.

Gruden and Jaworski were tripping over each other’s tongues in their vapid roles. No wonder they served up more plugs than insight.

Both would get excited breaking down a flag football game between Red Lobster and Olive Garden fry cooks. But on MNF they both were wasted by getting glued to talking points and spouting clichés in an eternal duel for mic time.

Jaws will remain with ESPN, appearing on NFL Countdown and NFL Matchup — where he excels by analyzing X’s and O’s with a clinical zeal.

Tom Brady, in fact, was just a mediocre quarterback at Michigan until he started watching NFL Matchup and became a superstar with the Patriots as Mr. Gisele Bundchen. Brady today likely would be an insurance agent married to Betty Glump if it weren’t for Jaws.

Tune in this fall to hear whether Gruden now can deliver more substance with his bombastic in-your-face style.