Payroll tax cut deal the Eighth Wonder of the World

Something is happening here but you don’t know what it is, do you Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public?

Fortunately, the ol’ Zekester, as always, is here to save the day.

Working undercover because they planted Jeremy Lin in the NBA to cannibalize America’s attention, Congressional negotiators reached a final deal to extend the popular payroll tax cut for the rest of the year.

Making the globe wobble on its axis, Republicans agreed to tack the $100 billion cost onto the deficit and Democrats accepted diminished jobless benefits as well as some drug testing for the unemployed.

Can you imagine that?
Short of having a shark jump out of your john while you’re brushing your teeth, nothing could be more shocking than having Compromise with a capital C return to Capitol Hill. After all, Compromise in Congress has been MIA for ever and a day.
Next thing you know elephants will be driving taxis in Manhattan.
Hyperbole? I think not!
Indeed, the payroll tax break is being paid for with borrowed money — a major concession for GOP leaders who had adamantly opposed new deficit spending. Democrats in turn gave up their traditional stance that emergency unemployment benefits should not be offset with cuts elsewhere.
While both sides gave in, it seems evident that Republicans suddenly are picking their battles. The Party of No must have realized that obstruction is too painful long term and can lead to fecal impaction, a particularly nasty slice of business.
Granted, the key here is to see if Compromise sticks around a bit.
Questions still persist about whether John Boehner can keep his ducks in a row, what with a number of conservatives who would love to say “nay” to this bill.