Attacking Iran is riskier than flossing a lion's teeth

It seems as if there always are war hawks in America. It’s a shame they never become an endangered species.
The hawks are screaming bloody murder these days, licking their chops to turn Iran into a big ash tray.
Granted, there are compelling reasons why Iran should be crippled before it goes all nuclear on Israel.
But at what price?
If Israel, with or without the U.S. and other allies, strikes Iran, it could transform the Middle East and perhaps the entire globe into a gigantic TNT powder keg.
Not sure we’re in the mood for such a holocaust, especially with spring training under way.
Nevertheless, American hawks — including GOP presidential candidates not named Ron Paul — are getting itchy trigger fingers over Iran, comparable to when they went apocalyptic about the threat from Iraq and nonchalant about completing the mission.
You can Google it to see what a piece of cake that was.
These hawks also must be as deaf as Beethoven because they can’t hear the chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the head of Mossad saying that attacking Iran is irrational.
My God, if somehow the blood lust of hawks must be quenched, let’s pick on easy meat. How about trading punches with a lethal country such as Nauru, a Pacific Island of 8.5 square miles? Plenty big enough to house nuclear missiles if you ask me.
Or if we want to go after a bantamweight instead of a flyweight, there’s always Liechtenstein, a sprawling empire of 62 square miles located on the Rhine River between Switzerland and Austria in the Alps. I hear they have great beer and we certainly don’t want a bunch of drunks launching nuclear warheads at the Yuengling brewery in Pottsville.