Obama isn't paying dividends for geezers

OK, I get it that many of you who read this blog believe that I’m such a flaming liberal that I constantly flick my Bic while blogging.

But I don’t smoke. Or worship at the altar of Obama. In fact, I voted for Nixon and twice for Reagan. And I was sober each time.

Would I lie to you during Lent?

As you should know, I think Obamacare is a national plague. If you get sick or injured, God bless you. And consider a move to Albania. but I’m not sure if it’s still on the map.

Now there is another thing about President Obama that frosts me like a Friendly’s ice cream cake: His 2013 budget.

One buried landmine is his proposal to triple the tax rate on corporate dividends.

The White House spin is that this new rate would apply only to rich folks whose cigars are even longer than their stretch limos.
The reality is that there is a heap of collateral damage to all shareholders.
And it’s even worse for retirees and near-retirees who depend on dividend income to butter their toast.
According to the IRS, and they employ folks who are pretty nifty with numbers, almost three of four dividend payments go to those over the age of 55 and more than half go to those older than 65.
Since I’m a tad closer to 65 than 25, this bit of nasty info gave me a bigger surprise than if an eel had jumped out of my bowl of Wheaties this morning.
Granted, after last night’s dreary GOP debate in which the Four Tops seemed to be spinning out of control, I’m not sure who will have my vote in November.
Short of writing in my own name, I’ll check out Buddy Roemer. A four-term congressman and former governor of Louisiana, those uppity Republicans excluded him from their debates and he’s now a third-party guy.
I don’t know a thing about him, but anybody named Buddy can’t be all bad.