Unlike Angelina Jolie, differing presidential polls don't have a leg to stand on

Angelina Jolie flashed some thigh at Sunday night’s Academy Awards and suddenly Twitter accounts were lighting up like a gigantic fireworks display.

I won’t bother harpooning society for being superficial because I believe we all already had a, ahem, leg up on that condition.

The bigger issue is how revealing this reaction is about the exposed credibility, or lack thereof, of a frivolous America.

No wonder that two new national polls that were released today show contrasting and confusing pictures of the presidential election.

Either the pollsters or the responders or both had Angelina’s thigh on their minds.

According to a USA Today/Gallup poll, Rick Santorum would beat President Obama 49 percent to 46 percent if the election were held today.

Not only is this gagging the Obama camp, but the Mitt Romney camp is equally as gagged because this poll says Romney would only tie Obama 47 percent to 47 percent. Which puts a huge divot in Romney’s claim that he is more electable. And also begs the question whether a tie forces overtime. Donovan McNabb is reviewing the fine print on this as we type this.

Then there is the Politico/George Washington University poll that shows Obama whipping Romney 53 percent to 43 percent and Santorum 53 percent to 42 percent. I imagine Republicans feel that the Obama camp must have conducted that poll.