Bill Clinton: Romney's father "must be turning over in his grave"

People ask me all the time why I never run for president. I don’t for two fundamental reasons.

One, it’s more energy-sapping than slowly bleeding to death. Traveling, talking and fundraising require more than a 5-hour energy drink. Especially if it’s all Scotch.

Two, I make it a practice to never overcook my preparation. Look what that did for Rick Perry, Herman Cain and Sarah Palin.

So you gotta give props to Mitt Romney, who seemingly has been running for president since before smoking and drinking were capital offenses.

Romney has taken more shots than a heavy bag. No wonder he gets punch drunk at times.

How else to explain why Romney was against the U.S. auto bailout, considering who his old man was.

Bill Clinton took the latest shot at Romney today.

Clinton chastised Romney for opposing rescuing Detroit from the junkyard, saying Mitt’s daddy — who was governor of Michigan for three terms — “must be turning over in his grave.”

In case your grade school geography fails you, Detroit just happens to be in Michigan.

Which makes it sort of surprising that Romney wanted Detroit to go bankrupt and cost a million to 2 million jobs.

And equally as surprising that Romney won the Michigan primary.

Perhaps Romney wanted Detroit to be one big lemon to get back at his father for naming him Willard, forcing him to snag a stupid nickname like Mitt.

By the way, Clinton, who is rumored to be for Barack Obama in the fall, said the auto bailout has been the president’s greatest achievement.

I concur because I don’t own foreign cars, hate to walk, and haven’t scored a birdie since my car clipped a grounded robin.