Lyrics of the day — a working class hero is not something to be … it's a rich man's world

OK, we already knew the 1 percenters are dipped in caviar and use exclusive deodorant that smells like money.
But who knew that they had it this good?
Technically, the economy has been in recovery for two years. But not for the unscented 99 percenters.
In 2010, the first full year since the supposed end of the Great Recession, virtually all of the income growth in America took place among the country’s very wealthiest people.
Hope they don’t sneeze from taking all those champagne bubble baths.
The top 1 percent of earners took in a full 93 percent of all the income gains that year, leaving the other 7 percent of gains to be sprinkled like bread crumbs among the rest of us.
The only thing keeping a roof over my head and food on my table is that Vladimir Putnin sends me a million rubles a month not to blog nasty things about him. Big Deal. The exchange rate is a bigger killer than the KGB ever was.