Obama meets the press and bashes GOP contenders for their war games

One nice thing about being president besides never having to hail a cab in the rain is that you’re always the large peacock commanding center stage.

It obviously wasn’t dumb luck that President Obama held his first press conference of the year today.

In case you gave up politics for Lent, today is Super Tuesday. The stage is supposed to belong to the Republicans, who are taking longer to sort out a presidential candidate than it takes me to sort my socks.

The Q&A kept focusing on Israel and Iran, who in previous lives were the Hatfields and the McCoys.

Obama insisted that America has Israel’s back but still thinks preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons can be solved diplomatically.

Granted, Israel’s itchy trigger finger begs to differ.

Obama used the issue to rebuke GOP candidates who speak casually about war with Iran as if it would be as easy as running over somnambulists.

“They don’t have a lot of responsibilities,” Obama said. “They’re not commander in chief. This is not a game. There’s nothing casual about it.”

I would say that was enough of a shot to split a tree.

After all, candidates just talk the talk. Presidents walk the walk.

And when it comes to war, they should tread warily.