Ayatollah — may Allah bite his tongue — lauds Obama, who gulps and swallows his Adam's apple

Compared to this, Custer was even money.

The odds were even longer than John Carter’s trip to Mars that an Iranian ayatollah would ever say something nice about the United States.

But never say never. Nothing apparently is set in stone except the minds of partisans on steroids.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei appeared without makeup on Iranian television’s version of Project Runway today and praised President Obama for saying that he is not thinking of military action at this point, and that “loose talk” of war against Iran is dangerous.

Of course, an endorsement from an unregistered voter like Khamenei is the worst thing that could happen to Obama in an election year.

With most Republicans still convinced that Obama is a Muslim and with the leading GOP presidential candidates just itching to turn Iran into a litter box before Iran turns Israel into a crispy Matzah ball, this was the last thing Obama wanted to hear.

Perceptions can stick like gum to a prayer rug. Speaking of which, a CNN poll just released shows that 96.3894 percent of all social conservatives believe that Obama uses a prayer rug and not Air Force One to fly to campaign stops.

Never mind that Khamenei also warned Obama that his talk of sanctions will backfire on the U.S.

The poisonous genie already was out of the bottle.

The Romney, Santorum and Gingrich camps all likely sent thank you notes to the ayatollah.