Romney's stumbling trek to the nomination is going to the dogs

Well, Biblical scholars, this David and Goliath sequel so far seems to be following the Old Testament script.

If you recall the original, David absolutely shocked the Vegas oddsmakers when he toppled Goliath and sling-shotted his way to faith, fame and fortune.

Now it’s Rick Santorum playing the role of the Conquering Underdog and he has Mitt Romney’s knees knocking like a pair of bongo drums.

Last night Santorum took Alabama and Mississippi with Romney taking third in both. Just a hunch, but I doubt Mitt is humming Neil Young’s “Southern Man” today.

Granted, both states were tighter than a miser with bad allergies. Nevertheless Santorum is riding in tandem with Moe Mentum while Romney is wobbling like a 10-pin facing Pete Weber.

If only Newt Gingrich would only scoot out of the way and let Santorum have at Romney. Apparently Gingrich loves basking in the limelight too much to step aside now.

Still, Romney just may not be Mr. Inevitable after all. If you recall, even Goliath won some tune-ups before his main event with David.

Now the Santorum camp is even barking up the Seamus tree. Guess they’re not afraid to hiss on a fire hydrant.

It seems 30 years ago Romney strapped his dog Seamus to the the roof of his car for a 12-hour drive to Canada, something animal activists still want to take a bite of Romney for. To his credit, at least Mitt didn’t strap on his wife or one of his kids.

Never mind that Romney claims the dog loved riding on top of the car. Seamus never did confirm that he indeed loved plein air car rides more than Alpo.