In NFL monopoly money, the Eagles didn't overpay for Jackson

You can’t make a chicken bark, so I have my sincere doubts that DeSean Jackson ever will be the unselfish team player willing to take the hit for the team.
Considering that he’s the size of a jockey and could fit into the Jockey underwear of some of his mammoth teammates, not to mention that he’s prone to concussions, it’s perhaps best that he avoid contact as much as possible. Which is an art form, of course, that he absolutely has perfected.
So where the Eagles’ nuts to throw salary numbers at Jackson that on the surface seem eye-rubbing to read? After all, Jackson’s pouting over money poisoned last season and seemingly left him locked in a brutal endgame struggle with management.
Of course, factor in Jackson’s sleek, gliding strides followed by the lightning cut and burst and you can see why the Birds would want to keep their explosive wideout/returner at the right price.
To me, the Eagles should have forced him to play out this season on the franchise tag at $9.5 million. Not quite what I pull in a year but the kid could have spent a few less bucks burnishing his ego.
Instead the Birds gave Jackson $51 million over five years, but the key figure is that only $15 million is fully guaranteed — nearly all of that in first two years of the deal.
In comparison, Vincent Jackson got $26 million guaranteed, Santonio Holmes $24 million, Pierre Garcon $20.5 million and Marques Colston $19 million.
Evidently Jackson wanted $24 million guaranteed but the Eagles dug in their heels until they screamed for a shoemaker.
The Birds so far are keeping their house in order by locking up Trent Cole and Todd Herremans and should be doing the same soon for LeSean McCoy.
Plus they’re shopping for linebackers since none of their current backers are bigger than Ron Paul. Reportedly they covet Falcons stud LB Curtis Lofton.
Not a bad offseason so far for Andy Reid and friends, who still have to be stinging from the Giants winning the Super Bowl. Don’t you just hate it when your neighbors hit it big and install a new pool instead of you?