Denver's going to be Peyton's place

Peyton Manning, who recently has had more suitors than Pippa, appears bound for Denver.

Barring a snag during intensified contract negotiations, it should be a done deal.

A Rocky Mountain High for him and Broncos fans — if not for Tim Tebow, likely to be traded or simply given up for Lent.

Manning does appear to have chosen the team with the best circumstances in terms of players, coaches and front office to provide him with a valid Super Bowl shot.

After all, Manning is risking his neck in this quest. Literally. Three neck surgeries in four months aren’t exactly what the doctor ordered for aging quarterbacks.

With his neck on the line, Manning would love to emulate Broncos honcho John Elway and win a couple Super Bowls as a Denver superstar QB in the twilight of his career.

Might be a difficult career arc to parallel. But you can bet that Tebow will be praying for him.