With gas prices pumped up, Obama expedites southern Keystone oil pipeline

With gas prices percolating at the pump and roasting his reelection chances like a rotisserie chicken, President Obama today stepped on the gas regarding the Keystone XL pipeline.

He fast-tracked the southern segment of the Keystone line, a 485-mile line that will run from Cushing, Okla., to refineries on Texas’ Gulf Coast.

Methinks he’s seeking to curry favor with voters who feel that life with high gas prices is uncivil, if not downright tire deflating.

He also went full throttle in accusing Congress of playing politics with a larger Canada-to-Gulf Coast project that all Americans except for environmentalists want more than their next breath.

Republicans obviously were not impressed by his decision, claiming the move was little more than a publicity stunt and won’t help TransCanada build the pipeline any sooner.