In a society sick with violence, taking the law into your own hands spreads the plague

We live in a violent world where fear, anger, brutality and death are the modern-day Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Molten emotions are worn on the sleeve and adrenaline-triggered response make life more vulnerable than ever, safety more fragile than ever, serenity more elusive than ever.
Our city has been infested with the zing of gunfire for much too long, and now the hot lead is flying in the suburbs as well.
Soon we all may have to carry heat and wear bullet-proof vests. Who knew that Dodge City would come to every town in America, circa 2012.
Violence is threaded into the fabric of our movies, our video games, some of our major sports.
Daily existence has become a Bloodsport. And who among us can staunch the bleeding before our society bleeds into a whiter shade of pale?
Of course, not all violence comes at the hand of a gun.
School bullying is a national epidemic. Soon cyber school may be the only safe haven for kids not to be traumatized. Somehow I don’t think one-room schoolhouses of yore were hothouses of terror.
Last week in Exeter Township men whose fear and anger were spawned in a Facebook posting that a man was stalking young children assaulted an innocent man.
Vigilante is a vicious breed.
Last month in Sanford, Fla., a neighborhood watch volunteer named George Zimmerman fatally shot a teenager named Trayvon Martin who was packing nothing but candy and a soft drink as he walked through a gated community.
The killing has sparked a nationwide firestorm of protests over alleged racial profiling.
In both cases, men took the law into their own hands and now they have blood on their hands. But so far, no handcuffs.
In the Florida incident, the state’s stand your ground law that permits people to use deadly force if they feel threatened has deterred an arrest — at least for now.
Not to don the cloth of a preacher man, but we should be better than this.
Alas, we are not. Shame on us. And God help us.