If the Supremes overturn Obamacare, it just might turn the election for Obama

I didn’t have lunch with the Supreme Court justices today to get the inside skinny since I already had a lunch date with the entire cast of Dancing With The Stars, but the vibe I’m hearing is that after this morning’s oral arguments concerning Obamacare is they’re gonna crush the individual mandate portion like an old peanut shell.

Yep, the Affordable Care Act as now constructed likely is going to be declared unconstitutional.
In a matter of Supreme irony, the funeral end of Obamacare could be a blessing in disguise for the president.
Granted, a rejection would be more embarrassing than passing wind in front of a teleprompter. And it would throw his legacy into the teeth of a wheat thresher.
However, it definitely could splash his reelection campaign with vitality.
If Obamacare would wind up in the judicial morgue, it would rob the Republicans of their most galvanizing issue. And it would free Obama from having to lug the 56-ton elephant of his health care plan from whistle stop to whistle stop.
Yep, the Supremes unwittingly just could stoke the power of Obama’s reelection efforts.