Gored! Keith Olbermann no longer, ahem, Current

Not all liberals are marvelous people like yours truly.

Keith Olbermann is more prickly than cactus with psoriasis.

He was fired by Current TV today after being fired by MSNBC, ESPN and various other capitalized letter combinations.

Al Gore, one of the founders of the network that nobody in America can find let alone watch, gave Olbermann the pink(o) slip.

Adding insult to injury, pouring gasoline on the fire, wrecking ball the fine china, stomping on the tulips etc., Current replaced Obermann with the eternally stiff in bed and out Eliot Spitzer.

Olbermann’s demise hardly was a surprise.

This guy burns more bridges than an arsonist who works in a match factory.

He and management are a more deadly combination than booze and car keys.

There are two reasons why he and his bosses keep demolishing fenders.

One, he’s an egocentric problem child who does anything and says anything he damn well pleases. His egotism is etched into his flesh like a tattoo.

Two, he expects management to greet his every request and pronouncement with “Sieg Heil!”