Romney puts a wrap on the silly primary season while Paul Ryan ties the bow

Pennsylvania doesn’t hold its primary season until later this month, but once again it’s about as relevant as Rick Santorum after last night.

Mitt Romney, who once seemed to find more ways to lose than the Washington Generals against the Harlem Globetrotters, won Wisconsin, Maryland and the District of Columbia (yep, they do get a vote) Tuesday night.

Santorum now knows what it’s like to shrink like a Chippendale dancer during a North Atlantic midnight swim.

With the primary season over, courtesy of Romney’s massive vault of money, the brawl for it all this fall already has begun.

Let’s get ready to rumble.

In one corner, already throwing a Naomi Campbell hissy fit at Paul Ryan’s budget as extreme social Darwinism, is Barack Obama — the defending champ.

In the other corner stands Romney — the challenger. But he apparently isn’t standing alone. Evidently Romney and Ryan now are a tag team and the scuttlebutt is Ryan just could be Romney’s running mate.

The narrative of the fall election likely will be scrawled all over Romney’s support for Ryan’s budget, which features a $265,000 tax cut for millionaires that will have them investing in Sicilian Brinks trucks, not to mention domestic budget cuts steeper than Kim Kardashian’s cleavage.