Facebook and Microsoft have big days; the Phillies, not so much

You know what’s cool about the age in which we live? Change. And I’m not talking Barack Obama change.
These days things change dramatically and constantly. Even left-handers named Bubba and not named Phil win the Masters.
Compare that to earlier epochs when nothing changed for decades and even centuries at a time. Back then people didn’t even change underwear yearly, let alone daily.
Not only do we smell better today, but the status quo, like the middle class in America, has disappeared. Just like the dinosaur and the Edsel, which resembled a dinosaur and handled worse.
Of course, the digital world evolves minute by minute. Today’s Smartphone is tomorrow’s rotary phone.
On this very day Facebook bought the popular mobile photo-sharing app Instagram for a reported $1 billion so everybody in the world can now see photos of your Aunt Edna flossing her four remaining teeth.

And in another $1 billion digital transaction today, Microsoft escalated the arms race in the technology world — where intellectual property is the weaponry of choice. Microsoft announced a deal with AOL that will give it 800 of AOL’s patents and license to 300 more. Soon Microsoft will change its name to Microhard.

And then there is the sea change in the major leagues.

The Phillies suddenly are being swept away by a tsunami of losses, capsizing like the Titanic to a ghastly 1-3 after dropping their home opener 6-2 to the Miami (nee Florida) Marlins today.
Suicidal fans in authentic and replica Phillies apparel now are plunging off the Ben Franklin and Walt Whitman bridges after seeing Cole Hamels no longer armed and dangerous. Film at 11.
The Phillies are seeking their sixth straight NL East title but with their bats turned pacifists, Charlie Manuel has a better shot at becoming an underwear model.
Today was the 205th consecutive regular season sellout at Citizens Bank Park. With multitudes jumping off the bandwagon, that streak is in serious jeopardy.