If Charles Manson had been paroled, he and that face made for TV could have been Bill O'Reilly's co-host

You could have knocked me over with a feather from Kim Kardashian’s pillow when I heard the shocking news that Charles Manson was denied parole today for the 12th time.
What idiot would put this monster back on the street? Unless, of course, it was a street in Kabul.
For you young’uns, Manson and his hippie cult horrified the nation in August 1969 with a two-night killing rampage in L.A. that claimed seven victims, including actress Sharon Tate.
This human being of indeterminate genus should never be set free. The dude is a one-man insane asylum. The poster boy for a lobotomy.
His eyes are mere lumps of coal. His heart and his soul, if he has one, are darker than coal mines.
And if he were set free, what would he do? Stroll through the Hollywood Hills wearing a caramel tan and sporting bracelets that jangle like wind chimes? Or serve zucchini and beet sandwiches to starlets at a Beverly Hills deli?