Newark mayor rushes into an inferno to save a neighbor and then rushes to tell the world

Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker is a strapping stud and he’s not shy about it.

Politicians, of course, love to bask in the spotlight. After all, if you’re a peacock you have a right to strut and preen.
Booker was on CBS This Morning today and it wasn’t to talk about new zoning ordinances or his city’s rising crime rate.
He was there to recount his heroic rescue of a neighbor from a burning building.
Booker described his “come to Jesus” moment when, while searching for the woman, he realized there was a very good chance he might not make it out of the house.
With burns on his hand Booker was taken to the hospital, where he promptly texted Gayle King to let her know he was OK.
Twitter apparently has since exploded with superhero tales of Cory Booker.
Indeed, I say let’s install Booker immediately as president where, like Mighty Mouse, he can save the day.
With Arnold and Stallone grumpy old men these days, America could use another action hero. Romney and Obama sure don’t fill the bill.