Ay caramba! Scandal involving Colombian prostitutes not exactly a signature moment for the Secret Service

OK, they do work for the Secret Service. So you would think that they could keep a secret … like rubbing bodies with glistening Colombian hookers in Cartagena.
Guess not. Now the whole world has them fingered as johns with crew cuts.
Since the agents’ gig is protection, hope they wore some.
The call to duty doesn’t mean cavorting with call girls. Perhaps the guys misread the manual.
What were they doing? Searching for armed assassins under the sheets?
Obviously this a red beet-red embarrassment for President Obama, in Cartagena for the Summit of the Americas event.
These guys are supposed to be America’s elite who protect the president’s back, not wind up on their backs.
Especially in Colombia, which is more dangerous than throwing a blood clot.