Fletcher Cox just the beast the Eagles were hoping to unleash

Don’t you just love the NFL draft? It’s an annual gourmet feast of promise and potential as teams restock their pantry of meat on the hoof to take on the gouged and pitted road to the playoffs.

Last night’s first round was a slam-bam-in-your-face affair with the trades and picks flying at warp speed. Who knew that the mere selection of names could have more drama than a Shakespearian play?

Eagles’ fans, and you know who you are, are gloating and chortling after the Birds traded up from No. 15 to No. 12 and used it to pluck defensive tackle Fletcher Cox.

The choice and the player are garnering dollops of acclaim. Apparently Cox is an amazing palette of size, strength and speed. An elite athlete who could rush the quarterback in his flip-flops.

Eagles’ D-line coach Jim Washburn has been coaching studs since Knute Rockne was in his prime. Washburn loves to throw fastballs at offenses with his linemen. And he seemingly loves Cox because he scares the hell out of everybody.

Eli Manning, RGIII and Tony Romo beware! Fletcher Cox is coming to getcha!