Obama campaign slogan this time around is forward — as in Tennyson’s half a league, half a league, half a league onward

OK, time to dump change and change slogans. Apparently Barack Obama’s change worked out as well as the Edsel. Or to be more contemporary, the stimulus package.
So this time the Obama campaign slogan is forward, which the White House rolled out in a seven-minute video today by taking a look back.
Republicans naturally will describe the video as pure fiction and rename it backward.
The video outlines “the challenges America faces as President Obama took office at the height of the worst recession in almost a century and details the progress that has been made reclaiming the security of the middle class and building an economy that’s meant to last, where hard work pays and responsibility is rewarded.”
Republicans from here to Seattle are laughing hysterically at Obama’s interventionist strategies, which they feel have backfired more than a farm tractor.
Granted, the economy’s face was covered with massive zits of hurt when Obama took over. Still, for the Obama campaign to sell America that their president cleared up the nation’s complexion will be more difficult than opening a contrary bottle of wine.