A lot of Dow, a little of Newt for Mitt, and oodles on Obama’s campaign trip to Afghanistan

Kind of a big May Day for Barack Obama. Or call it Ruby Tuesday if you wish.

The Dow, for instance, closed at its highest level in more than four years today after U.S. manufacturing expanded at a faster pace than expected in April.
Of course, that is easing jitters about a slowdown in the economic recovery. Granted, the news also must be giving Mitt Romney the jitters.

On the flip side, Newt Gingrich — who roasted Romney like a marshmallow in debate after debate – suddenly is embracing Romney’s candidacy and is ready to, gag me with a 65-ton Abrams tank, campaign for his former rival.
Then again, money talks and evidently puts once unspeakable words in Newt’s mouth. In return turn Romney will help Gingrich retire his campaign debt.
Jeepers, perhaps if I campaign for Romney he’ll expand my 401(k) bigger than a Macy’s Parade float.
But back to our president, who made a surprise visit to Afghanistan today to sign a strategic-partnership agreement with Hamid Karzai to reassure that despot we will have his back even if we are splitting the scene.
A lot of you may say that Obama’s trip is a colossal waste of taxpayer money and that he and Karzai simply could have exchanged emails. It takes good taxpayer money to enable Obama to grandstand and steal votes by theatrics.

Obama is trumpeting the fact that he wound down the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and now plans to address the American people this evening from Afghanistan (God knows what the hell time it will be there at the time) on the one-year anniversary of when Obama, with a little help from his Seals, took out Osama bin Laden.
Now Obama really will be burning through our money if on the way home he stops to breakfast in Paris, lunch in London and get nasty in Amsterdam.