Osama bin Laden apparently was never tempted to become president of the Joe Biden Fan Club

Maybe it’s Joe Biden’s hair plugs or his uncanny flexibility to put his foot in his mouth whenever his lips gets within shouting distance of a mic, but Osama bin Laden wasn’t a big fan.

In newly declassified documents recovered from bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan, the al-Qaeda leader calls for his followers to prepare plots to kill President Obama and Gen. David Petraeus, writing that Vice President Biden was “totally unprepared” to take over as president.

Nothing like getting dissed from the grave, huh?

In retrospect, Biden must have so enjoyed sitting at the right hand of Obama as they watched the Seals take out bin Laden.

Can you imagine what havoc bin Laden would have plotted if Sarah Palin or Julia Louis-Dreyfus were vice president?