Romney’s jobs growth goal comical

Easy for him to say.
Listening to Mitt Romney talk about jobs creation is like a bout with pneumonia. It takes your breath away.
Today’s news of still another month of angel hair pasta-thin job growth in April prompted Romney to assign Barack Obama an absurd jobs benchmark.
And this coming from a guy whose jobs creation record as governor of Massachusetts was uglier than swallowing a water bug snorkeling in your soup.
Romney said we should be growing half a million jobs a month. Yeah, right. And we should cure cancer by Monday and heart disease by Wednesday.
Never mind that there have only been 16 months since 1939 when the economy added 500,000 jobs in one month.
I guess Obama just will have to put the Nike Swoosh logo on the economy and say Just Do It.
By the way, Romney didn’t exactly multiply jobs like loaves and fishes in Massachusetts.
His state went from 37th in the nation in job creation to 47th during his tenure. Massachusetts only fared better than Ohio and Michigan, both ravaged by the manufacturing meltdown, and Louisiana, drowned by Katrina.
While the country as a whole enjoyed 5 percent growth, Romney’s Massachusetts grew at 0.9 percent. You don’t have to be a Harvard mathematician to compare the numbers.
Mitt can talk. He just can’t walk.