Just how all those great writers typed on French keyboards befuddles this American in Paris

Zeke still is doing Paris and checking things out like Peter Sellers disguised as Inspector Clouseau.

For starters, the French keyboard is totally screwed up. Letters, numbers and punctuation symbols, like the traffic, are all over the place in random fashion. Definitely not as good as their pastry.

Their history and architecture are not as thin as their people. Even their bridges are sumptuous palaces. Definitely a step up from the Penn Street and Buttonwood Street bridges.

They had a whole bunch of guys named Louis who liked to spend money. Even more than the Obamas. I bet Romney has a house like Versailles.

Napoleon, for a short guy, apparently was full of himself. The guy was the Kim Kardashian of his time. Like oxygen, he is everywhere.

Also, the Eiffel Tower is one impressive cell tower. Sort of like an erector set on steroids.

But enough. This French keyboard is more stubborn than a Republican. No wonder the French have even more typos than pickpockets.