A Brownout in California

California is circling the drain and there’s no mistaking this for a Disneyland amusement ride.

California used to be all about Hollywood. Now it mimics Greece with its mushrooming fiscal crisis.

Somehow the earth under San Francisco and LA has refrained from quaking under all this budget pressure.

At the epicenter is Gov. Jerry Brown, who at 74 is 28 years removed from his Gov. Moonbeam first tenure.

With eyeballs a glaze and brain box whirring, Brown pledged that he could wrestle the alligator that is California’s finances and pin it.

It hasn’t happened. This gator is too ornery to be grappled.

Now folks are calling Brown Gov. Beggar, a man caught in an immense, violent wave.

This economic meltdown could be the storyline for Hollywood’s next blockbuster disaster movie.