Reading not exactly a fount of good news today

And from this thin gruel we seek our daily nourishment …
Our fair city has had better days.
Just when we thought things pretty much already had gone into the crapper at the Reading School District, comes the news in my favorite morning paper today that 12 city schools, including highly honored Lauer’s Park Elementary, are part of an investigation into possible cheating on state standardized tests.

Test scores as phony as an Ivory Coast election aren’t exactly a PR bonanza for any school district.

Then came another black eye, this time for the GoggleWorks Center for the Arts even though it merely was just an unfortunate final resting place.

The body of a Reading man with an apparent bullet wound to his back was found this morning on the parking lot at the GoggleWorks.

Police are investigating the death as an apparent homicide and said it is related to a fight nearby in the 200 block of Walnut Street.

The GoggleWorks is supposed to be a primary focal point of what is hoped to be the city’s renaissance, not a place for dead bodies.

I guess it’s difficult to caulk the ugly ooze seeping from the streets no matter how much beauty there is in the arts.