Word of a Super PAC Wright attack on Obama creates a lather that might have been much ado about nothing

Someone was remiss when redesigning the tectonic plates of campaign spending laws.

Super PACs, funded by donors with pockets deep enough to reach Chinese coinage at the bottom, are fertile Petri dishes for spawning negative campaign ads.

Of course, some folks enjoy watching negative campaign ads. The same people who enjoy watching reality TV or the Weather Channel when tornadoes toss buildings around as if they were pennies tossed into a fountain.

Super PACs have been the real story of this presidential campaign and just could muck up the equation. After all, the divide between winning and losing usually is microscopic rather than gaping.
The New York Times reported today that a conservative super PAC, bankrolled by Joe Ricketts, the founder of TD Ameritrade and the owner of the Chicago Cubs, was plotting a $10 million ad campaign focusing on Barack Obama’s ties to his former pastor, the controversial and toxic Rev. Jeremiah Wright.
The story had both the Obama and Mitt Romney camps vibrating like jackhammers, with the former hardly pleased as punch over this potential sucker punch and the latter distancing itself with a cornerback’s backpedal from the Wright ad proposal.
Evidently nobody wanted to get caught in the fallout of this radioactive topic. By midday even Ricketts himself tried to distance himself from the proposal.
So was Ricketts actually going to implement the Wright attacks until the heat of the fallout threatened to melt the ivy off the Wrigley Field outfield walls?
Who knows? Digging into the hard earth for those slimy creatures we call facts can be more labor intensive than digging for oil in your backyard.