Violence starts with those squeezing the trigger. They simply must stop. And we must do whatever it takes to put them away before we all become fish in a barrel

It was a job well done by my favorite newspaper to run a Page One editorial this morning calling for leaders in the city and beyond to find a way to stop the violence that is shredding the fabric of our city.

It is a daunting task, of course, and it isn’t as if our elected and community leaders have ignored the problem by merely spending their days holding down couch springs. Still, they must do much more.

But let me add that the crime-doers themselves must fix their broken moral compass and replace drugs, crime and violence with a strong work ethic and a passionate pursuit of education and employable skills.

It’s time for that segment of the populace to stop wallowing in the easy fix and start leading productive lives. There are other ways to break the poverty cycle than to shoot your way out of it.

Parents and the community must lend all the support they can muster and we must find the money to put more cops on city streets.

But ultimately the bad guys themselves have to morph from scum to substance — perhaps even more challenging than turning water into wine . And if they don’t, we simply need to weed them out out — no matter what the price — so our city and county can sprout in a more fertile topsoil.