Holy War! Roman Catholics sue Obama administration over birth control mandate

You wouldn’t say that this was an unforeseeable denouement. You didn’t have to be a prophet to see this coming.
Roman Catholic officials simply aren’t going to turn the other cheek when it comes to birth control.
Roman Catholic dioceses, schools and other groups sued the Obama administration today in eight states and the District of Columbia over a federal mandate that most employers provide workers free birth control as part of their health insurance.
The federal lawsuits represent the largest push against the mandate since President Obama announced the policy in January. Among those suing are the University of Notre Dame, the Archdioceses of Washington and New York, the Michigan Catholic Conference and the Catholic University of America.
If going up against Mitt Romney weren’t enough, now Obama has to deal with Touchdown Jesus — who certainly has celestial connections.
Granted, there also are a lot of non-Catholics out there who feel that Obamacare is the work of the devil beyond the birth control issue.