Scholar throws the book at Republicans for sacking Washington

Once upon a time in America, when drinking and smoking were not capital offenses, songs actually had melodies and you didn’t have to be an engineer to operate an alarm clock, Republicans and Democrats frequently huddled up to avoid gridlock.

Of course, those quaint days of yesteryear have disappeared with my blond bangs.

These days, as we all know only too well, life on Capitol Hills is partisan and polarizing.

Far be it from me to point fingers at the Republicans, but noted American Enterprise Institute scholar Norman Ornstein is more than willing.

Ornstein is pointing fingers in a new book he co-authored with Thomas Mann, It’s Even Worse Than It Looks.
“I wouldn’t say it’s all Republicans,” said Ornstein, “it’s 80-20 at this point.”
“When you look at the data, including voting records,” continued Ornstein, “the Democrats have moved left, to probably their own 25-yardline. President Obama’s probably around the 40. The Republicans have moved behind their own goalpost.”
Sounds like the Republicans should be penalized a two-point safety for running out of their own end zone.