Book heats up the pot on Obama’s marijuana school days

I thought this this blew away, like a puff of smoke, years ago. But apparently not.
Guess where there’s smoke there’s fire, to coin a phrase that undoubtedly now will be minted forever.
As a young man growing up in Hawaii, Barack Obama frequently smoked marijuana with a group of friends dubbed the “Choom Gang” at the Punahou School, according to a new book about the president’s life.
The book by David Maraniss of The Washington Post is not due out until next month. But large portions of it were available briefly today on Google Books before being taken down.
Not exactly breaking news here. Hardly in the same league as dog bites man or Mitt Romney straps dog to roof of car.
For his next investigative book, Maraniss likely will reveal that Cheech and Chong inhaled giggle weed until they both went, cough, Up In Smoke.
Obama long ago acknowledged using grass, or paca lolo as they call it in Hawaii, in his own book Dreams From My Father. Obama’s drug use never became a major issue in 2008, in part because he had already disclosed it.
And because many voters, outside of Bill Clinton of course, had inhaled as well.
After all, back in the day, getting high was as much a part of school as blue book exams.
And in Hawaii, they do have all those grass skirts.