Stunner! Jurors hung up, so mistrial gets Edwards off the hook

John Edwards obviously is not a candidate for sainthood. He obviously has a darker side than Johnny Cash’s closet used to have.

Nevertheless, a federal jury today found Edwards not guilty on one count of accepting illegal campaign contributions but a mistrial was declared because the jurors deadlocked on five other charges.

I would have thought the jurors would want to dip Edwards in seal butter and drop him into a polar bear’s cage.
Perhaps the jury was simply bored and sick of the whole mess. After 17 full days of testimony from 31 witnesses, some of the jurors looked at times as if they wanted to stick fondue forks in their ears and stir.
Edwards was accused of masterminding a plan to use money from two wealthy donors to hide his pregnant mistress during his run for the White House in 2008.
The mistrial obviously was a win for Edwards. Prosecutors now will have to decide whether they want to go for it again once the radish red fades from their faces.