Diamond Jubilee should have been rained out yesterday. Just ask poor Prince Philip

OK, I know the Diamond Jubilee celebration in the UK is even a bigger deal than the World Poker Championships.

And why not? It’s not every day that a British monarch sits on the throne for 60 years. Or actually does meaningful work.

Since I recently was in London, I did check out the big party on the Thames River yesterday and marveled how Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip had to stand for four hours on an open-topped boat on a day of gushing rain and freezing temps, not to mention with limited access to toilet facilities.

Didn’t they have cricket umpires handy to call the game on account of rain?

Little wonder that Prince Philip was admitted to the hospital with a bladder infection today and will miss the rest of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

After all, it was weather bad enough to shrink a Chippendale dancer in his 20s, let alone a 91-year-old man who just had a heart attack six months ago.

Call me as paranoid as a getaway driver, but here’s hoping that the Queen doesn’t suddenly get hit with the avian flu.